Embracing Simplicity

california poppy simplicity sophistication DaVinci wildflower

As I’m surrounded by poppies and reviewing photos for new art pieces, my mind is taking me to a frequent creative conflict—incorporating lots of detail versus a more abstract portrayal of the subject.

The California poppy may offer some insight into this.

California poppies antelope valley mojave desert wildflowersIt’s such a simple flower. The prominent feature of the poppy is its characteristic marigold-like splash of color.

Visible off in the distance, it sure makes a bold statement from afar, doesn’t it? But, when you look at it closely, all the parts of the flower itself are sometimes the same color.

I’ve attempted to embrace the simplicity of the poppy. In doing so, it 0119DT3whas provided a bit of an art lesson.

Its shape does vary as the petals begin to age and take on the elements. Lighting can provide some tonal variations. But, all in all, there’s a beautiful simplicity w0131DT1which can make it a challenging subject.

MaW-0004-1wybe capturing the essence of its simplicity is what nature intended when it gave us the California poppy?

I’ll continue to explore this thought as new pieces of nature art make their way into the studio.


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…Together let’s add a splash of color and some good positive stuff to our world!



Anna DelBon Masucci - California artist and owner of Willow Grove Hill Studio whose adventures are nurtured into nature art as kiln-formed glass and watercolor paintings.

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