Each glass piece, from the fused glass to the ceramic forming molds to the finished piece, is handcrafted and kiln-formed by Anna DelBon Masucci. Learn More


The Series

Nature’s inspiration is evident in each glass piece which Anna creates. Yet, some unique design elements set these pieces into categories of their own.


Amore Series  


Centrifugal Series  


Gravity Series    


Terra Series   


The Gallery 

Enjoy a stroll through this gallery where you will see more glass art from each of the series

0082PC9w    0145DT6w red maple leaf    0139DT3ww   0136DT6w   0084BT3w cherry autumn 0142DT3ww  0064VT5w    0065VG6w    0085BT2w    0059VG4w    0144DT5w  0143DT7w  0050BT7w    0049PA1w    0133NT4w    0085BT3w    0101DT-0104DTw fall leaf dishes    0101DT3w    0144DT6w   0077BT5w    0112DT5ww purple iris dish kiln formed fused glass art watercolor painting    0134NT8w  0097BT9w golden debut gold leaves kiln formed fused raku glass art bowl    0036VG2w    0133NT1w    0066VG4w aster