the process


The kiln-formed glass process is the oldest form of glass art. As both a science and an art, the several day process begins with pieces of sheet glass or crushed glass of varied coarseness. The glass is fused in a kiln at temperatures upwards of 1450 degrees Fahrenheit using precise firing schedules. This transforms the fascinating amorphous, or non-crystalline solid to a molten state, giving it a new appearance when it’s ultimately cooled back to room temperature.

By combining design elements and kiln-formed glass techniques with gravity, each piece evokes an organic quality reflective in nature. These pieces are shaped into their final form using ceramic molds created in the studio with clay, making the glass art at Willow Grove Hill Studio completely handcrafted and unique.

Watch these videos for a peek into the kiln-formed glass art process:



Handcrafting the glass art pieces with love is only part of the care and attention to detail that goes on at Willow Grove Hill Studio. Once made, each piece is wrapped in our signature purple tissue along with a personalized note. Shipping the glass double boxed surrounded by ample cushioning, protects the glass in transit as it makes its way into your hands.

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