Oh So Sweet Peas

As summer continues to heat up California’s Gold Country, the landscape calls out its name. The fields of gold may lead us to think plant life is at a stand still just waiting for autumn’s cooler days. But, look closely. There’s a bounty of activity going on! 

A recent jaunt around Empire Mine State Park in Nevada County, found me taking it all in and snapping a few reference photos of art possibilities.

The landscape was dotted in beautiful bright pinks and lavender as sweet peas had woven themselves among blackberry plants and the native mountain misery. After searching for wildflowers throughout the park, I was on my way to explore the blossoms on paper. A few photos can spin themselves into numerous paintings, each one taking on a different look from the previous and the one to come.

Colors, techniques and time offer endless possibilities of preserving my perception of a scene each time I pick up the brush! 

“Oh So Sweet Peas” is my tribute to those sweet pea blossoms adding their splash of nature art to the landscape of Nevada County each summer. 

Join me in adding a splash of nature art to our world! See this painting and others on my website  or visit Hindman Fine Art Print Gallery  in Sacramento’s ever-growing R Street Corridor!

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Anna DelBon Masucci - California artist and owner of Willow Grove Hill Studio whose adventures are nurtured into nature art as kiln-formed glass and watercolor paintings.

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