Signs of Harmony

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Does harmony begin within us and affect our surroundings, or are we only in harmony when our surroundings all fall into a harmonious groove?

A few months ago I was invited to participate in a unique art event in an unlikely location. Arts & Parts was held last weekend. This event which included art and airplane memorabilia, was sponsored by Recover Your Cub in Tehachapi, California. What a fun experience to be part of this first event of its kind for a community nestled in the mountains of the Mojave Desert!

After the show, I was reflecting upon what left me so fullfilled. Granted, it was my first art show, but there was something more to it than that.

Was it the sponsor support? How wonderful of Ken & Della at Recover Your Cub to sponsor this event. They brainstormed Arts & Parts. They believe in their community and put great effort into enhancing it.

Was it the0119DT2w community support? How great of the people of Tehachapi to come out in support of this first event of its kind! What a thrill sharing the glass art process I’ve been cultivating for the past several years with so many wonderful and genuinely interested folks.
Was it the hope of inspiring children toward creativity? Of course there’s nothing like seeing a look of fascination in children’s eyes or hearing their great questions and comments.

Was it the thrill of the art collector? How exciting it is to see the smile on the face of persons so happy to add a piece of your art to their collection. What an honor getting to meet those who have been gifted a piece of your art to come by to say hi and add another to their collection.

IMG_3430Was it the cohesiveness amongst the artists? It was definitely huge getting to spend time with other creatives. What a fun opportunity of sharing our process, challenges, and victories.

Was it the observation of inspiration in action? During the set up for the event, several of the pilots gathered with a collection of antique propellers. Before we knew it, they had created quite the abstract hanging masterpiece. They were art inspired!

Was it the surroundings? While all the action was going on inside the hangar, folks were checking out airplanes outdoors and even taking to the sky. To top that off, the hills across the airport runway were blanketed in wildflowers.

It was all the above.

Each of these contributed to what was definitely a presence of harmony. Perhaps it began within, allowing me to then see how all else was set into a positive harmonious motion. What an awesome experience!

The next Arts & Parts is in the works, so stay tuned!

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…Together let’s add a splash of color and some good positive stuff to our world!



Anna DelBon Masucci - California artist and owner of Willow Grove Hill Studio whose adventures are nurtured into nature art as kiln-formed glass and watercolor paintings.

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