The Journey Continues

Hey there and Happy New Year! 2017 is off to an exciting start in the studio! My art has been juried into the Art Works Gallery in historic downtown Grass Valley, California. The invite to apply for membership came shortly after visiting the gallery during the holidays, while my husband and I were on our way to see Rogue One. As a Star Wars fan in the making, I’ve been told “the force” was with me 😉

I’m so humbled and honored to be accepted into this group of more than thirty local artists with such talent in various media. Being part of the gallery is an exciting new challenge. It’s another

learning opportunity along my journey. I’m looking forward to working with my new colleagues and being part of the area’s art community!

My favorite art quote certainly resonates with me today: “I am still learning.” Do you believe Michelangelo was eighty-seven when he said this? Having seen his works in Florence, Italy, I was struck mostly by his unfinished ones. I could just picture him standing in front of one of these works with skill pouring out of his hands, while his mind evolved it into new directions.

I’m always ready to take on a new challenge, try a new technique, and learn from previous trials and errors. I will always have something to learn. The art and chemistry of kiln-forming glass is humbling that way as well. Whether you’re cutting pieces or have turned them over to the kiln where they get hot, hot, hot, each piece provides its own unique learning experience. Combining all this with a new gallery opportunity is heading 2017 in a positive learning direction!

For available nature art glass, visit or take a little trip by the Art Works Gallery at 113 Mill Street, Grass Valley, California.

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…Together let’s add a splash of color and some good positive stuff to our world!



Anna DelBon Masucci - California artist and owner of Willow Grove Hill Studio whose adventures are nurtured into nature art as kiln-formed glass and watercolor paintings.

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