Welcome to Autumn

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A cool breeze has blown autumn into my area of California. Welcome to this beautiful season!

There’s something so energizing about this time of year. For me personally, it calls towards my love of fall colors, hearty soups simmering on the stove, the aroma of fresh baked bread, and wonderful leaf-trailed hikes.

It’s the time of the year when the kiln begins to add a comforting warmth to the studio.

Within a few days, surely summer weather will temporarily return to the area, hours of daylight will be noticeably lessened and pumpkin-spice-everything will have become even more overdone haha.

Meanwhile, I’ll be basking in all the inspiration the new season is bringing my way!0144dt5w-copy

In the studio shades of golds, greens and warm reds abound. But, you’ll also spot bright aqua blue. I just love the contrast that color provides to my painted maple leaf pieces!

Autumn began to hint at its arrival several weeks ago as subtle changes in the landscape began to take place.

0146bt8w-copyThis bowl, aptly named Signs of Autumn, reflects the dried flower buds and changing leaves I began to spot along the way.

Take a stroll through my website, and you’ll be sure to spot more signs of autumn and new pieces of glass art!

How does the season of autumn call to you?

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…Together let’s add a splash of color and some good positive stuff to our world!




Anna DelBon Masucci - California artist and owner of Willow Grove Hill Studio whose adventures are nurtured into nature art as kiln-formed glass and watercolor paintings.

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